Talking Heads
Stop Making Sense
Sire 9 25186
LP originally released 1984
made in Japan for US & international markets
color scheme: yellow background with dark blue reticle and lettering
genre: rock

MADE IN | | JAPAN (pressed by JVC), variation B.
Note the extra number printed on the right hand side, 25121.
That is the original US catalog number for the LP.
There are two minor variations of this disc. On one (A), all the squares of the
target design are the same bright blue color, as opposed to the dark matte
navy blue used for the Sire logo and lettering. On the other variation (B), the inner
squares are the same navy blue as the Sire logo and lettering, while the
outer squares are a bright blue color.
Known matrix numbers: (A) 9 25286 2 M1E11
                                      (A) 9 25286 2 M1E12
                                      (B) 9 25286 2 M1E22
                                      (B) 9 25286 2 M4E11
                                      (B) 9 25286 2 M4E21
                                      (B) 9 25286 2 M4E22
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-S5E12
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-S6E11
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-S6E21
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-S6E22
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-S6E23
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-S6E24
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-T7E13
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-T7E14
                                      (B) 9-25186-2-T7E15

Front cover of the sixteen-page booklet. The innermost pages fold out.
Page 16 states "Manufactured by JVC, Japan. Printed in Japan."

Rear tray insert "Printed in Japan" with barcode.
Although outwardly identical, the back inlay that houses disc variation (B) with
navy blue inside squares has the catalog number "9-25186-3" printed on the inside, similar to
most West German tray inlays. The inlay that houses disc variation (A) with bright
blue inside squares has nothing printed on the reverse.

Notes: This target CD is fairly easy to find.

Jewel case info: (M1E22) smooth frosted-top two-dimple case with "T2" embossed on the back
and on one tab. Eight-prong disc tray embossed "Patents pending" and "T2"

(M4E22) smooth frosted-top case with two long stopper bars and "Patent pending D-2" embossed on the back
and "D-1" embossed on one tab. Twelve-prong disc tray embossed "Patent pending" and "D-1"


Sire 9 25186-2
Yellow printing on silver stock. Quite unusual!
"MADE IN JAPAN" (by JVC) at six o'clock.
"Mfg. by the Victor Company of Japan, Ltd." at 9 o'clock
Known matrix numbers: 9-25186-2-T7E112, 9-25186-2-V8E11
What do these matrix numbers tell us? If I'm reading these correctly, the target design was used
from 1984 through late 1985. After the target design was discontinued, the yellow letter version
was manufactured from late 1985 through very early 1987.

Rear tray insert "Printed in U.S.A." with barcode.
Nothing is printed on the reverse.
The booklet states "Printed in U.S.A." on page 16.

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