Take Another Picture
Geffen 4011 (on inserts)
Geffen 4011-2 / [DIDZ-10045] (on disc)
made in Japan for US market
color scheme: silver stock background with black reticle and lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1983

MADE IN | | JAPAN, the above has nothing embossed in the plastic center and the matrix number is DIDZ-10045 11A7.
I have another copy with the plastic center embossed with "MANUFACTURED BY CBS/SONY RECORDS INC." and
the matrix number is DIDZ-10045 11A4.
Other matrix numbers may exist.

Front cover of the eight-page booklet.
Page seven states "Manufactured by CBS/Sony in Japan"

Rear tray insert bears no country of manufacture, and has no barcode.
There is nothing printed on the reverse.
Only known rear insert for Japanese-pressed target disc.

Notes: This disc is not common, but it can be found without a whole lot of difficulty.

Jewel case info: (nothing embossed in center) smooth frosted, two long stopper bars, the back is embossed
"Patent pending" and "2". One tab is embossed "1".