Prince and the Revolution
Music From Purple Rain
Warner Bros. (Japan) 32XD-316
WB 32XD-316 / 9 25110-2 (on disc)
made in Japan for Japanese market
color scheme: silver paint background with red reticle and lettering
genre: R&B / rock / soundtracks

No manufacturer mentioned (it's CBS/Sony), matrix number is 32XD-316 11A3 +++++,
with nothing embossed in the plastic center (c).
Other known minor variations include:
(a) matrix 32XD-316 11A2 +++++, perimeter text begins "MADE BY WARNER-PIONEER..."
(b) matrix 32XD-316 11A2 +++++, perimeter text begins "A WARNER COMMUNICATION COMPANY..."
(d) matrix 32XD-316 11A3 +++++, one small "CSR" embossed in plastic center.
(e) same as (d) except there is now some barcode-like stuff in the inner mirror band.

Front cover of the twelve-page booklet.
Page eleven states "Printed in Japan"

Rear tray insert "Printed in Japan" with barcode.
Note the US catalog number on the wings.
Nothing is printed on the reverse.

This is a (slightly cropped) look at the Japanese insert.

This is what it looks like closed, with sticker OBI.

Notes: This disc was only distributed in Japan, and is difficult to find,
even in Japan. Expect to do battle with Prince fanatics as well as
targetheads should you attempt to win this disc at auction.