Antonio Vivaldi (composer)
Two Concertos for Two Violins, Two Sonatas for Two Violins and Continuo
Aston Magna, recording group; Albert Fuller, Musical Director
Nonesuch 9 79056
LP originally released in 1983
made in West Germany for US & international markets
color scheme: bronze paint background with black reticle and lettering
genre: classical

No variations that I am aware of.
Matrix number: 7559 79056-2 2893 299 04

Front cover of the eight-page booklet
Page seven states "Manufactured by PolyGram in Hanover, West Germany
Printed in West Germany"

Rear tray insert, "Printed in West Germany" with barcode.
"9 79056-2" is printed on the reverse.

Notes: This target CD is NOT easy to find. Expect to search a while.

Jewel case info: smooth frosted, two-dimple case with nothing embossed on the back. "23" is embossed
on one tab, and "13" is embossed on the back portion, inside bottom center.

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