Nile Rodgers
B-Movie Matinee
Warner Bros. (Japan) 32XD-308 (9 25290)
made in Japan for Japanese market
color scheme: silver paint background with red reticle and lettering
genre: R&B
LP originally issued 1985

The matrix number is 32XD-308 11 +++++, pressed by CBS/Sony.
This example has no text in the plastic center (a). There are two slight variations (not pictured)
that have a small "CSR" embossed in the plastic center. Both have the same matrix number as above.
Variation (b) has no barcode-like stuff following the matrix number, and variation (c) does have
barcode-like stuff following the matrix number. There are some other tiny differences, mainly in the perimeter
print, but the easiest way to spot them is how I described them.

Front cover of the twelve-page booklet.
Page ten (numbered "9") states "Printed in Japan"
The booklet is nearly all in English, with a smattering of Japanese.

Rear tray insert "Printed in Japan." without barcode.
It's hard to read on this scan, but "32XD-308" is printed in the upper right corner.
Nothing is printed on the reverse. Thanks to Kym for the scan.

This is what this CD looks like, complete with sticker obi.
Thanks to Kym Miller for the scan.

This is the Japanese foldout insert.
Thanks to Kym for the scan.

Notes: Like most early Japanese CD's, this disc is very scarce.