various artists
More Adventures in Modern Sounds
WEA 240 568
made in West Germany for European market
released: 1984
color scheme: teal green background with purple reticle and silver paint lettering
genre: various artists sampler

Matrix number: 2292 40568-2 2895 523 01 #
Known suffixes: R [KN]
No variations that I know of.

Front cover of the four-page booklet.
Page three states "Manufactured by PolyGram in Hannover, West Germany. Printed in West Germany"

Front cover of the extra insert that came with this disc.
It is a catalog of WEA family Compact Discs available in Europe as of September 1984.

Rear tray insert "Printed in West Germany." without barcode.
"240 568-2" is printed on the reverse.

Notes: This disc is very uncommon.
The track listing is similar to, but not the same as, the promotional disc by the same name.