Modern Jazz Quartet
Reunion at Budokan 1981
Atlantic 38XD-3 (on inserts)
Atlantic 38XD-3 / 251210-2 (on disc)
made in Japan for Japanese market
color scheme: black background with silver stock reticle and lettering
genre: jazz
LP originally released in 1981

MADE IN | | JAPAN (by CBS/Sony)
CSR COMPACT DISC (repeated three times) is molded into the plastic hub.
Matrix number: 38XD-3 11A2 +++++
This same disc can also be found with a 38XD-3 11 matrix. And, without anything
embossed in the center, it can ce found with a 38XD-3 11A4 +++++ matrix.

Front cover of the four-page booklet.
No manufacturing info is offered, in English, at any rate!

Rear tray insert, "Printed in Japan" without barcode.
Nothing is printed on the reverse.

this is what the CD looks like closed, with gold sticker obi.

Notes: This disc is very hard to find, even in Japan.

Jewel case info: smooth frosted-top case with two long stopper bars and "A1" embossed on the back
and on one tab. Twelve-prong disc tray embossed "Patent pending" and "2"