Bette Midler
No Frills
Atlantic 7 80070
made in West Germany for US & international markets
color scheme: teal green background with red reticle and silver paint lettering
genre: rock / vocals / easy
LP originally released in 1983

MADE IN | | WEST GERMANY, no manufacturer on disc.
Matrix number: 7567 80070-2 2893 220 02

Matrix number: 7567 80070-2 2893 220 02
Later copies with this disc face have MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO etched around the center hole.
These are the only three disc variations that I am aware of.

Front cover of the eight-page booklet.
No manufacturing or printing information is offered.

Rear tray insert "Printed in West Germany." with barcode.
All WG target variations can be found with the same tray inlay.
"7 80070-2" is printed on the reverse.

Notes: This disc is uncommon, but can be found with patience.

Jewel case info: eight-prong disc tray embossed "Patents pending 16"