Michael McDonald
No Looking Back
Warner Bros. (Japan) 32XD-325
made in Japan for Japanese market
color scheme: glossy gray paint background with red reticle and lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1985

"MADE BY WARNER-PIONEER CORPORATION, JAPAN" is found on the perimeter, but
the disc was actually pressed by CBS/Sony. There is one small "CSR" embossed in the plastic hub.
Known matrix numbers: (1) 32XD-325 11 +++++
(2) 32XD-325 11A1 +++++ with barcodish looking markings on the opposite side of the center hole.

Front cover of the twelve-page booklet.
Pretty much the same as the USA issue (not a target!) except there is no mention of a
country or manufacturer, and "32XD-325" is added to page twelve. All writing is in English.

Rear tray insert, "Printed in Japan." without barcode.
Nothing is printed on the reverse.

This is what this CD looks like closed, with sticker obi strip attached.
In the background is the Japanese lyric sheet.

Notes: This disc was only distributed in Japan, and will be hard to find anywhere else.
It is very scarce in Japan, as well.
This is one of those rare titles, in that it was issued in Japan as a target disc, but
not elsewhere, as far as I know. There are West German and Japanese pressings of this
title for distribution worldwide, but they are plain silver stock discs with black printing.