The Doors
The Doors
Elektra 74007-2 (242 012)
made in Japan for the US market
color scheme: silver stock background with black reticle and lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1967

MANUFACTURED BY SANYO JAPAN is found in the mirror band.
No disc variations are known.
Note the JASRAC logo. Was this disc also distributed in Japan?
Known matrix numbers: WNR74007 310061, 74007-2 509036, 74007-2 60611C, 74007-2 606160,
74007-2 B6A261, 74007-2 B6B04N

Front cover of the eight-page booklet.
Page six states "Printed in Japan by Sanyo"
Note the Gold Record Award seal. This seal was removed when the remastered
version was released in the late 1980s. On the latest remaster, it has reappeared.
Note also that there is a catalog number (EKS-74007) and the word, "stereo" in
parentheses above the Elektra logo. This will be found on the Japanese and US
inserts only. The West German inserts have this information airbrushed out.
This Japanese insert is an eight page stapled booklet, unlike the West
German six-page foldout booklet.

Rear tray insert "Printed in Japan by Sanyo." with no barcode, old Elektra logo.
Nothing is printed on the reverse.
Only rear tray inlay known to contain this Japanese target CD.

Notes: This disc is fairly common, but high demand often drives the price up.

Jewel case info: (WNR74007 matrix) smooth frosted-top two-dimple case with "Patent pending" and "S" embossed
on the back. "B" is embossed on one tab, Twelve-prong disc tray embossed "Patent pending" and "S" and "B"


DCC Compact Classics GZS-1023 (24K Gold Disc)
MADE IN JAPAN" at 10 o'clock.
Matrix number: GZS-1023 SP-UEA (Superior Disk Corp.)
Remastered for compact disc by Steve Hoffman.
Released in 1992 and sounds amazing! 1992 might be a tad late for an "early CD pressing"
but it was pressed overseas for domestic release so it qualifies in my book.

The front cover of the six-page foldout booklet is somewhat different from the regular
CD release. It is modeled after the original stereo vinyl LP release,
and lacks the "Gold Record Award" seal.

Rear tray insert "Printed in U.S.A." with barcode.
It also states "Disc manufactured in Japan"
Later releases, even those with Japanese discs, lack this statement.
All the print on the back panel (not the wings) is in black.
Later releases add some gold ink on the back panel.
The reverse is solid black.

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