Editions 23 EDC 035
made in Germany for European market
color scheme: silver stock background with black target and lettering
genre: soundtracks

It is difficult to see in a scan, but at the bottom in the perimeter mirror band, it says
"Manufactured in Germany by | | Record Service GmbH, Alsdorf"
This particular target CD was in print for quite some time and went through some
matrix number changes. Above is the first, "2 56412 SRC-01" which I am calling M1.
M1 can be found with a large "9." or a large "18" embossed in the plastic center.
Eventually the matrix was changed to "229242162-2 RSA" plus a series of boxes (M2).
M2 can be found with a large "6." or a large "28" embossed in the plastic center.
I don't have a picture of an M2 disc yet.

Pretty much the same as above except the matrix is now "EDC035 WME" plus the same series of boxes (M3).
This one has a small "20" and a stylized "W" embossed in the plastic center.
It can also be found with a large "10" or a large "43" in the center, both without the "W".

Front cover of the four-page booklet.
No manufacturing info is offered. Page two has a 1987 copyright date.

Rear tray insert without barcode.
"Manufactured in Germany by Record Service GmbH, Alsdorf Pressť en Allemagne
par Record Service GmbH, Alsdorf"
Nothing is printed on the reverse.
Early versions come with this yellow tray card.
Thanks to Kym for the help with the scans.

Rear tray insert without barcode
The same as above except the color has been changed.
Later pressings come with this bronze tray card.

Notes: This target CD was not distributed in the US, and it is unlikely to be found here.
It should not prove terribly hard to find in Europe.
As near as I can tell, Editions 23 had no affiliation with WEA, and some
collectors question whether this is a legitimate target CD. The target
design was probably simply copied from the German Warner Bros. pressing, seeing as how
early pressings were both manufactured at the same factory at the same time.
Based on the matrix numbers and other properties, it appears that this
was manufactured and sold concurrently with the WB version. My guess is
the two editions were meant to be distributed in different territories.
I have no idea where and when and even why that distribution took place.
See separate entries for the French and German Warner Bros. target CD's,
as well as the French Editions 23 target CD.