Twisted Sister
Stay Hungry
Atlantic 7 80156 (on spines)
Atlantic 80156 (on disc)
made in West Germany for US & international markets
color scheme: teal background with red target and silver paint lettering
genre: rock / metal
LP originally released in 1984

There are two variations of sorts. One has a matrix number of
7567 80156-2 2895 124 01#, and cues up ten tracks. The song "Horror-Teria"
is divided into two for indexing purposes. On the other variation, the matrix
number is 7567 80156-2 2895 124 02#, and properly cues up nine tracks.
The timing on both discs is the same.

front cover of the booklet

Back cover "Printed in West Germany" with UPC.
No back cover variations are known.

Notes: This disc is hard to find, but not impossible. Condition is a real problem.
Most copies seem to be pretty beat up. A nice mint copy is to be prized.
Apparently, metal fans like to use their CDs as frisbees.