Talking Heads
Speaking In Tongues
Sire 9 23883
LP originally released 1983
made in Japan for US & international markets
color scheme: yellow background with dark blue reticle and lettering
genre: rock

MADE IN JAPAN, pressed by JVC.
There are two minor variations of this disc. On one, all the squares of the
target design are the same bright blue color, as opposed to the dark matte
blue used for the Sire logo and lettering. On the other variation, the inner
squares are the same dark matte blue as the Sire logo and lettering, while the
outer squares are a bright blue color.
Matrix number (bright blue squares): 9 23883 2 M3E13

Front cover of the eight-page booklet
Page seven states "Printed in Japan.
Manufactured by JVC, Japan."

Rear tray insert "Printed in Japan" with barcode.
There are two slight variations of the back cover. On the one above, the corner
boxes are orange in color, and the number 23883-2 is printed on the inside of
the inlay, similar to inlays printed in West Germany.

On this variation, the corner boxes are red in color, but not exactly the same
red as that in the center. Also, there is no number printed on the inside of the inlay.

Notes: This disc is fairly easy to find, with diligence.
Note that this disc contains the short (LP) versions of four songs. On later pressings
these four versions were replaced with the longer cassette versions. This Japanese
pressing, the West German target pressing, and a very hard to find USA (non-target)
pressing are the only CD sources for these short versions.

Jewel case inso: (bright blue squares) smooth frosted case with two long stopper bars, and "T2" is
embossed on the back. "3" is embossed on one tab.