Donna Summer
Cats Without Claws
Warner Bros. (Japan) 2 50806 (on inserts)
WEA 32XD-338 / 2 50806-2 (on the disc)
made in Japan for the Japanese market
color scheme: hot pink background with black target and lettering
genre: R&B
LP originally issued 1984

No manufacturer is listed, but it appears to be a CBS/Sony pressing.
The matrix number on my copy is 32XD-338 21A2 +++++.

front cover of booklet

Back cover, "Printed in Japan" without barcode.
A sticker obi was issued with this disc. Unfortunately, my copy is missing the obi
so I don't have a picture for you. Presumably, the obi contains the WEA logo.
For some reason, Warners in Japan used the Warner Bros. template for the back cover
instead of designing a new one with the WEA logo.

Notes: This disc was distributed only in Japan, and is very hard to find, even in Japan.