Patti Austin
Every Home Should Have One
Qwest 3591-2 (256 931)
made in West Germany for the US & Europe
color scheme: light blue background with dark blue target and black lettering
genre: soul; often found in rock, pop, jazz, or even country
sections in some stores
LP originally released in 1981

Most common disc variation.

MADE IN WEST || GERMANY on disc front.
MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO is etched around the center hole.

front cover of booklet

Rear tray insert, Printed in West Germany, no UPC
Found with the POLYGRAM disc variation.

Rear tray insert, "Manufactured in Germany. Record Service GmbH, Alsdorf" no UPC.
Found with PDO disc variation, released in Europe. Note the catalog numbers on the spines.

Notes: This disc is not common, but shouldn't be too hard to find.
Thanks to Uli in Germany for the PDO scans.