Man in the Mirror
WEA 2 40253
made in West Germany for European market
color scheme: teal background with purple reticle and silver paint lettering
genre: jazz / fusion

Matrix number: 2292 40253-2 2893 318 01
Later copies are found with MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO etched around the center hole on the reverse (b).
Same matrix number, known suffixes: V
Even later copies will say MADE IN WEST | | GERMANY on the obverse, and
MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO is etched around the center hole on the reverse (c).
I don't have a picture yet.

Front cover, only a single sheet, not a booklet.
Verso states "Manufactured by PolyGram in Hanover, West Germany
Printed in West Germany"

Rear tray insert "Printed in West Germany" with barcode.
"2 40253-2" is printed on the reverse.
Only rear tray card known for this target CD.
Later non-target pressings may also be found with this inlay.
Check the disc before purchasing!

Notes: This CD was not distributed in the US, as far as I know.
It is much more likely to be found in Europe.