Nile Rodgers
B-Movie Matinee
Warner Bros. (Japan) 32XD-308 (9 25290)
made in Japan for Japanese market
color scheme: silver paint background with red target and lettering
genre: R&B
LP originally issued 1985

MADE IN JAPAN, no known variations.
The matrix number is 32XD-308 11 +++++, pressed by CBS/Sony.

front cover of the booklet

Back cover, "Printed in Japan" withiut barcode. I'm pretty sure that the wing that has white
lettering is faded, and should actually be red like the other wing. It's hard to read
on this scan, but "32XD-308" is printed in the upper right corner.

This is what this disc looks like, complete with sticker obi.
Thanks to Kym Miller for the scan.

Notes: Like most early Japanese CD's, this disc is very scarce.