Manhattan Transfer
The Best of the Manhattan Transfer
Atlantic 19319-2 / (80085-2) (on disc)
made in West Germany for US (and European?) market
color scheme: teal background with red target and silver paint lettering
genre: jazz / pop
LP originally released in 1981


MADE IN || WEST GERMANY (no manufacturer on disc).
Only two known disc variations.

front cover of the booklet

Rear tray insert, "Printed in West Germany" with barcode.
Note that the catalog number on the wings is 80085.
I found the version without BY POLYGRAM with this tray inlay.

This rear tray insert does not say where it was printed, UPC box only contains catalog numbers.
Note that the catalog number on the wings is 19319-2 / Europe: 250 841.
I found the version with BY POLYGRAM with this inlay.

Notes: This disc is fairly common.