Lindsay Buckingham
Law and Order
Asylum 64561 (on inserts)
Elektra 64561-2 / (800045-2) (on disc)
made in West Germany for US market
color scheme: light blue background with purple target and black lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1981

MADE IN || WEST GERMANY (no manufacturer mentioned on disc)
Catalog number is 64561.
This disc variation appears to be the more common of the two.

The catalog number is now 561.
These are the only disc variations that I am aware of.

front cover of booklet
Inside booklet says, "Manufactured by Polygram in Hanover, West Germany"

Rear tray insert, Printed in West Germany, with UPC
Only known back cover.

Notes: While not real common, this disc can be found with a little effort.