Shabooh Shoobah
Atco 7 90072 (on inserts)
Atco 90072 (on disc)
made in West Germany for US market
color scheme: pink background with green target and silver paint lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1982

Below: MADE IN WEST || GERMANY, no manufacturer on face, but
MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO is etched around the center hole.

Rear tray insert, "Printed in Germany" with barcode.
This inlay was used in parts of Europe (France?) and possibly elsewhere internationally.
This disc without BY POLYGRAM was found in this tray inlay.
The same disc can be found with inserts printed in the US. See below.

Rear tray insert, "Printed in West Germany" with UPC.
This is the common tray inlay, in which can usually be found the BY POLYGRAM version.

Rear tray insert, Printed in U.S.A., with UPC.
I found the disc without BY POLYGRAM with this back inlay.
It is the same variation found with German inserts, above.
Usually US non-target discs will be found with this tray insert, but
sometimes you might get lucky!

front cover of the booklet

Notes: This disc is fairly common.