Graham Parker and the Shot
Steady Nerves
Elektra 9 60388 (on spine)
Elektra 60388 (on disc)
made in West Germany for US & international markets
color scheme: orange background with silver paint target and lettering
genre: rock
released in 1985

Note that the lettering is in silver paint, not black like the common target disc.
Although it may be an error, after examining this disc carefully, I don't believe it
is a misprint. It appears to have been prepared this way on purpose.

front cover of the booklet

Back cover "Printed in West Germany" with UPC
Same back inlay that is found with the black-letter version.
This back inlay was also used for non-target pressings.

Notes: This variation disc is very rare. The black letter version is much more common.
See the separate entry.