Head Games
Atlantic 29999-2 EUROPE: 050 651 (on inserts)
Atlantic 29999-2 (on disc)
made in West Germany for US and international markets
color scheme: teal background with red target and silver paint lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1979

There are no variations known, but I would not be surprised if some turn up.

front cover of the booklet

Rear tray insert, "Printed in West Germany" without UPC.

Rear tray insert, "Printed in West Germany" with UPC.

Rear tray insert, "Printed in U.S.A." with UPC.
The target disc can be found with all three of these back inlays.
US pressings are more likely to be found in the USA inlay, so be careful.

This exact same disc was issued in Japan with a sticker obi. The catalog number 32XP-153
appears only on the obi strip.

Notes: I used to think this disc was pretty common. It is not as easy to find recently
and has sold on eBay in the $20-30 range.