The Doors
Morrison Hotel
Elektra EKS 75007-2 Europe: 042-080 (on inserts)
Elektra EKS 75007-2 (on disc)
LP originally released in 1970
made in West Germany for US and international markets
color scheme: reddish orange background with silver paint target and lettering
genre: rock

Note that, unlike the more common version of this target disc, there is no black
lettering. Plus the Elektra logo appears unfinished. Is this an error, or perhaps
the powers-that-be decided the logo didn't look right, and added black to the second
print run?

Front cover of the booklet

Rear tray insert, "Printed in West Germany" with no UPC.
This back inlay is a grayish-green color. The more common black letter discs come
with back inlays that are more decidedly green in color.

Notes: This disc appears to be harder to find than the black letter disc, at this time.
I say "appears" because this variation was just recently noticed, and not enough
copies have surfaced yet to make a definite determination. At this point, it doesn't
appear to be "rare" but there seems to be fewer copies available than the black letter
variation. That could change over time.