Dire Straits
Alchemy (2 CDs)
Warner Bros. 9 25085 (on inserts)
WB 9 25085-2 // 25102-2 / (818 244-2) (on disc 1)
WB 9 25085-2 // 25103-2 / (818 245-2) (on disc 2)
made in West Germany for US market
color scheme: silver paint background with red reticle and black lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1984

MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM, with outer mirror band.
Variations: There are also versions without the outer mirror band.
Disc One is also known with outer mirror band and
MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO HANOVER etched around the center hole.
I haven't seen a disc Two with this inscription, but it probably exists.

Disc One MADE IN WEST || GERMANY on the front, and "MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO"
is etched around the center hole.
Matrix number: 818 244-2 02. [QY]

Disc Two MADE IN WEST || GERMANY on the front, and MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO
is etched around the center hole. Note that one disc has an outer mirror band
while the other does not. Presumably both discs can be found both ways, but I
don't yet know for sure.

front covers of the booklets
The booklet for Part One is twelve pages. Later issues say "Printed in U.S.A." on page eleven.

Rear tray inserts, Printed in West Germany, with UPC.
These back inlays most commonly contain the target discs.

Disc One rear tray insert, "Printed in the USA." Nothing is printed on the reverse.

Disc Two rear tray insert, Printed in the USA.
The PDO versions have been found in these USA inlays,
although US non-target pressings will most often be found inside.

Many, if not all, copies of this set were issued with this slipcase.
This scan shows the front of the slipcase.

Back cover of the slipcase, Printed in West Germany.
There is a UPC symbol on the top of the slipcase.
That is a gouge on the left side of the scan. It should not appear on most copies!
This set is usually found without the slipcase, indicating that either some
copies did not originally come with it, or many people discarded them.

Notes: This set is not rare, but may take some searching.
This was only issued in North America, as far as I know.
This title was released on Vertigo in most of the rest of the world.