Chicago 17
Warner Bros. 9 25060
made in France for the European market
color scheme: gray painted background with black target and lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1984

Made in France by M.P.O.

front cover of the booklet
Inside the booklet, it reads "Fabrique par MPO."

Rear tray insert, Printed in France, with UPC.
The wings are the same as the West German tray inlay.
Note that this inlay uses a "cut & paste" job based on the West German insert.
Here, "West" is crudely airbrushed out, and "Germany" is replaced by "France" in
a completely different typeface.

Notes: This is one of the more elusive French targets, not counting titles only
issued in France. It took me four years to find one at a decent price.
If you are willing to pay in the 85 to 100 Euro range, you should be able to easily track
one down. If you are very patient, you should expect to pay closer to 30 Euros.
Thanks to Keith Hirsch for the scans.