The Notebook of Anna Magdelena Bach
Igor Kipnis, Judith Blegen, Benjamin Luxon, Catharina Meints
Nonesuch 79020 Europe (262 801) (Two Disc set)
made in West Germany for US & some international markets
color scheme: bronze paint background with black target and lettering
genre: classical

Disc One also carries the number (50588-2), and Disc Two carries the number
(50589-2) under the catalog numbers. I know of no variations.

Front tray inlay. This is a 2 CD set in a chubby jewel case. I don't have
a picture of the booklet, but it should look similar to this front tray inlay.

Back tray inlay, "Printed in West Germany" without UPC.

Notes: Like most Nonesuch target discs, this is quite scarce.
Thanks to Kym Miller for these scans.